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"The pages fly by as quickly as time travels in this novel that will do for Virginia's Natural Bridge what Robert James Waller's The Bridges of Madison County did for covered bridges in Madison County, Iowa and abroad."

Ellen Singer
Author of Quicksand (HarperCollins, 2001)

"Escape and unwind with this brilliant first novel by Lou Tortola."

Nicola Hetherington
Writer and Astrologer,

"A terrific story! Lou Tortola's wonderful imagination keeps each scene moving, always leaving the reader wanting to turn the page."

Eileen Kraatz
Author of A Spy in the Nursing Home

"Lou Tortola's remarkable imagination and brilliant story-telling ability have blended wonderfully to create this powerful time-travel fantasy and gripping tale of love and family. Tortola is one of our promising new novelists!"

Tony Frassrand
Producer, Former CNN Anchor

"Lose yourself in this amazing fictional story of mystery and intrigue that is based on the author's creative imagination of one of the world's Seven Wonders."

Cheryl Vigh
Senior Writer,

Lou Tortola
A Bridge of Time - A Novel
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